Prodigy to Lead

Alpspure Lifesciences Private Limited is an Indian conglomerate which is synonymous to superlative quality and impeccable reputation to deliver on the front of Herbal and Phytochemical Production. The company is built upon the legacy of excellence, innovation, research and Synergy with nature. India is rising as a manufacturing hub and we are contributing towards this dream. The State of art manufacturing practices and stringent quality check enables Alpspure to symbolize the international standards, and the certification from the relevant agencies regarding quality is further testimony to our immaculate record in the category. We follow and maintain G.M.P Quality criterions to mandate the production of only best materials along with the modern scientific mechanism. Primary motto of the company is to deliver the best quality and in minimal time so our clients believe that we are their partners in growth. Our history is rich with traditions and values which ensures the company in good stead with a strong footing in the global market. We are passionate to bring a revolution in the industry with latest technological advancements and state of art manufacturing infrastructure.

The present is promising and certainly gives a glimpse of near future as what is coming. We believe success is not a destination, but a journey and we are on this odyssey to take India forward.


Our Guiding Principles

Commitment | Integrity | Perfection | Delivery | Innovation

Evolution is the keyword that marks our presence throughout the souk in manufacturing the Herbal and Phytochemical Production. Alpspure is committed to deliver perfection according to the customized demand of clients within deadlines. A lot goes into creating the perfect blend of flawless compounds and then equally stringent quality checks. Innovation is our forte and we apply the values of our driving principles in day to day chores with complete integrity and transparency. Market always presents itself with new challenges and we are equipped to convert the same in opportunities with great insight and a nag for taking great decisions. We are a conglomerate founded on traditional values and morals inherited by generations and we welcome you to experience the Alpspure difference.

Inheritance we are proud of

  • Analytical Capabilities:
    • High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
    • Gas Chromatography with Head Space (GC-HS)
    • Infrared (FTIR)
    • Microbiology
    • Particle Size Analyzer
  • Manufacturing Capabilities:
    • Manufacturing site covering 20000 sq. ft.
    • cGMP compliant production facility
    • Multi-product clean room blocks with VTD and micronization
    • Class 100,000 clean rooms for final production stage
    • World class processing equipment

Vision & Mission

The purpose of our successful pursuit lies in accomplishing ourselves as pioneers in developing pesticides-free best raw materials for farmers. We drive ourselves to deliver quality, commitment, and customized solutions in coherence with exploring Ancient Indian Science along with modern science.