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Aegle Marmelos / Bael Extract

Botanical Name : Aegle Marmelos Extract
Common Name : Bilva / Bael Fruit Extract
Assay : 5% Tannins by Titration
Applications : GIT Protective agents
Product Usage : Anti-dysentric, Anti-diabetic

Description :

Aegle Marmelos Extract

  1. Every morning on an empty stomach, the juice is eaten after the leaves have been harvested. According to reports, it regulates blood sugar levels and returns them to normal in about a month.
  2. The fruit is employed to treat diarrhea. Unripe fruit is gathered, then the pulp is dried and ground into powder. Diarrhea can be controlled by taking the dry powder three times per day with water or fresh curd.
  3. Additionally, bael extracts are utilized to lower blood urea and cholesterol.
  4. Bael can also help people who are constipated. Constipation is avoided by using Bael extract or powder frequently.
  5. Constipation and stomach pain can be treated by taking an extract of fresh bael leaves combined with honey.
  6. When applied as a poultice, the leaf paste is supposed to reduce joint discomfort and swelling.


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