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Momordica Charantia Extract

Botanical Name : Momordica Charantia Extract
Common Name : Bitter Melon Extract
Assay : 2.5%-8% Bitters by Gravimetry
Applications : Hepatoprotective Agents, Anti-Diabetic Agents, Skin Protective Agents
Product Usage : Antidiabetic, Blood purifier, Liver wellness, useful in hepatitis

Description :

There are various names for karela extract (Momordica Charantia). It is referred to as Karela in Pakistan, India, and other Asian nations. It is referred to as bitter gourd, bitter squash, or bitter melon in English-speaking nations. This fruit that resembles a cucumber and has unsightly pimples all over it is well-known for its many health advantages.

Polypeptide-P, a plant-based insulin that mimics the actions of insulin produced by the pancreas and lowers blood sugar levels as well as the long-term harmful effects of high sugar levels, is found in karela seeds. Character and momordicin, two other vital components of karela, work as antioxidants to maintain normal blood pressure and prevent problems from diabetes. Due to its ability to fight off free radicals and prevent cell damage, karela boosts the immune system.

Karela is described as having a cold potency, being easily digested, and having a bitter taste in Ayurvedic scriptures. It does not irritate Vata and has a pacifying effect on Pitta and Kapha. Additionally, it aids in de-worming and has blood purifying qualities. Karela supports healthy, oxygenated blood flow to the skin, which aids in cleansing and treating skin conditions.It serves as an appetizer, promotes good digestion, and has a slight purgative effect.

Karela helps to reduce fever and cleanses the respiratory tract while removing additional phlegm from the body.Karela contains enough beta-carotene and other nutrients to aid in the recovery of anemic and general debility conditions. According to a study, it also aids in energy enhancement and ocular macular degeneration prevention.



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