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Cinnamonum Cassia Extract / zeylanicum Extract

Botanical Name : Cinnamonum cassia / zeylanicum Extract
Common Name : Dalchini Extract
Assay : 5%-15% Polyphenols by UV
Applications : Anti-Inflammation Agent, Nervine Tonic Agent
Product Usage : Anti-inflammatory, Nerve Stimulant

Description :

The inner bark of the Cinnamomum tree, whose botanical name is Cinnamomum zeylanicum, is used to make the spice cinnamon. The inner bark is dried, and the strips are rolled up into cinnamon sticks or quills. Then, these can be turned into an extract or powder. Because of its well-known flavor and scent, cinnamon is frequently utilized in food products. For its therapeutic properties, Ceylon cinnamon has been utilized for centuries. Cinnamon is used in Ayurveda for a variety of ailments, including indigestion, colic discomfort, anti-flatulence, appetizer, fragrant, uterine stimulant, spermatogenic, and a sense of thirst. According to preliminary studies, women who experience menstrual cramps may get relief from pain by eating Ceylon cinnamon for the first three days of their period.

In accordance with additional research, taking Ceylon cinnamon for three months along with other herbal ingredients helps overweight women with polycystic ovarian disease have regular periods, increase their chances of conceiving, lower their blood pressure, enhance their quality of life, and lessen their symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. Ceylon cinnamon aids in enhancing intestinal and digestive processes. It probably won't harm you to take Ceylon cinnamon as a supplement for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. According to scientific research, cinnamon contains aromatic essential oils, tannins, polyphenols, and other compounds.



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