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Commiphora Mukul Extract

Botanical Name : Commiphora Mukul Extract
Common Name : Guggul Extract
Assay : 1.5%-2.5% Guggulsterone by HPLC 2.5%-10% Guggulsterone by UV
Applications : Anti-Inflammation Agent, Heart Protective Agent
Product Usage : Anti-Cholesteremic, Anti-inflammatory

Description :

In Ayurveda, guggul extract (Commiphora mukul) is highly beneficial for regulating and supporting lipid metabolism and cholesterol levels. Gum Guggul is also referred to in Ayurveda as Guggul, Indian Bedellium, and by its botanical name, Commiphora mukul. The oily gum resin known as guggul extract, which comes from the Commiphora mukul tree, is a key component of Indian traditional herbal medicine. According to Ayurveda, guggul extract is bitter, astringent in flavor, hot to the touch, and pungent after digestion. It also helps to increase blood circulation, reduce vocal cord swelling, and enhance voice quality. It has digestive and appetizing properties, clears superfluous mucus from the body's channels, and lowers blood sugar levels.

Purified Guggul extract is mentioned in Ayurveda as a means of lowering joint inflammation and promoting bone fracture repair. It was traditionally mixed with other herbs to treat arthritic pain, skin conditions, nervous system pain, obesity, digestive issues, mouth infections, and menstrual irregularities. An ancient Sanskrit medical treatise that purports to clearly describe the signs and management of excessive cholesterol was found by Indian researchers in the early 1960s.

The discovery was followed by a number of research experiments, which culminated in studies looking at Guggul Extract's usefulness in people. Phytosterols, gugulipids, and guggulsterones are the main chemical components of guggul extract. Because it decreases hazardous low-density lipoproteins while increasing good high-density lipoproteins, guggul extract has been reported to help lower high cholesterol. Blood clots can be broken up and blood platelet aggregation prevented with guggul extract. As a result, it lessens the risk of heart disease and stroke.

The weight loss benefits of guggul extract, which supports and improves thyroid function, are also widely advertised. Additionally, it has been shown that guggul extract increases the body's white blood cell activity, which helps the immune system develop. In order to treat arthritis and lessen joint inflammation, guggul extract may also be administered. Guggulsterones, which appear to lower circulation levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines, markers, and CycloOxygenase-2 (COX2) levels, are responsible for the anti-inflammation activity. Guggul extract relieves tonsillitis, pharyngitis, and swollen lymph glands. A study indicated that using Standardised Guggul extract on a daily basis significantly increases bone strength and restores the bone's microarchitecture almost entirely.



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