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Eurycoma longifolia Extract

Botanical Name :Eurycoma longifolia Extract
Common Name :Longjack, Tongkat Ali Extract
Assay : 1% Eurycomanone by HPLC
Product Usage : Aphrodisiac, Sexual Tonic

Description :

A Southeast Asian plant with the botanical name Eurycoma longifolia is known as tongkat ali or Longjack. It is referred to as pasak bumi in Indonesia, tongkat ali in Malaysia, and cay ba binh in Thailand. The two names for the herb that are most frequently used in Western culture are tongkat ali and longjack.
Tongkat Ali has a reputation for being a supplement that boosts sexual energy, yet this amazing herb has wide-ranging adaptogenic and balancing benefits for both sexes. The list of traditional applications is extensive and includes things like promoting general vitality with aging, improving strength, muscular mass, and bone mass, fostering equilibrium in mood, enhancing stress tolerance, and promoting energy and general health. Supporting immunity and fever-reducing effects is tongkat ali.

The Tongkat ali shrub's biochemical components have been characterized, and all of its traditional benefits have been confirmed, by recent scientific investigations conducted worldwide on both laboratory animals and humans. According to research, tongkat ali extract contains a wide range of bioactive substances, such as alkaloids, triterpenoids, and complex polypeptides, which may aid in restoring hormone balance. The majority of the chemical components in tongkat ali are quassinoids, which have potent bioactive qualities that support well health. Tongkat ali assists the hypothalamus in balancing the vital secretions of the endocrine system, like other adaptogenic and restorative herbs.

The thyroid, the adrenals' response to stress, the reproductive organs (testes and ovaries), and metabolism and energy are all controlled by the hypothalamus, a walnut-sized structure near the base of the brain. Any kind of chronic stress causes the endocrine system to malfunction, which leads to low energy, stress intolerance, and a loss of strength & performance. Tongkat ali supports improved athletic performance, stamina, stress tolerance, muscular mass, bone density, and energy in both sexes in this condition when utilized frequently.



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