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Cissus Extract Supplier in India Alpspure Life Sciences Private Limited is the most authentic supplier, manufacturer, dealer and wholesaler of premium quality Cissus extracts in India. The company has an immense experience in Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing which has made us capable of catering to the requirements of a vast clientele across the world. Cissus is also known as ‘Hadjod’ in India.The herb has been used in India from ancient times due to its countless medicinal properties. One of the major uses of the herb is in healing bones and fractures.

Health Benefits of Cissus/Hadjod Extracts

Hadjod fastens the healing process and union of bones in fractures.

It prevents age related problems like osteoporosis.

The herb’s haemostatic and joining properties helps in healing the bone fractures rapidly

Hadjod juice is used as nasal drops in case of nasal bleeding.

In case of bone fractures, the herb’s juice is given orally for speedy recovery.

It has a prominent effect in curing skin diseases.

It helps in treating the psychological problems.

The herb is useful in curing the respiratory ailment called Asthma.

Why Us

Alpspure Life Sciences is the fastest growing Cissus extracts distributor in India. We offer the best quality herbal products and services to the customers. Our USP is- we never compromise with the quality and services offered to our clients. The company has a strong infrastructure which is loaded with the most modern and high-tech machinery and technology. Due to the supreme quality of our products we have become the best Cissus extracts suppliers and dealers in Delhi, NCR, India

Hadjod Cissus Quadrangularis Extract
Specification - Ketosterones 2.5% 10% & 40%


Cissus quadrangularis is used as an herbal supplement to treat conditions such as hemorrhoids, bone loss, allergies, asthma, and diabetes.

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