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Hemidesmus Indicus Extract

Botanical Name : Hemidesmus Indicus Extract
Common Name : Indian Sarsaparilla Extract
Assay : 30% Saponnins by Gravimetry
Applications : Skin Protective Agents
Product Usage : Demulcent, Coolant, blood purifier

Description :

Indian sarsaparilla root is valued for its therapeutic benefits and for restoring equilibrium in the vata, pitta, and kapha doshas. According to ayurvedic scriptures, it is thought to have a stimulant and naturally occurring anabolic steroidal effect on the human body. Extract from Hemidesmus Indicus is The Fragrant Root Barks are prescribed for rheumatoid arthritis, leucorrhoea, dyspepsia, nutritional disorders, fever, skin ailments, and ulcerations, particularly those with syphilitic origin.

Sarsaparilla can be beneficial for reducing fluid retention, puffiness or swelling, and stomach bloating since it aids in promoting urine production and enhancing perspiration. Traditional uses for sarsaparilla root teas included "cleaning the blood," enhancing liver function, and detoxifying the body of pollutants.

When combined with Jeera/cumin seed water, it promotes the efficient operation of the urinary system, aids in reducing inflammation and the burning sensation brought on by urethritis. It assists in removing too much heat from the skin and guards against erosion of the gastric mucosa.

Astilbin, one of the most significant flavonoids in sarsaparilla, has been related to better immune function, reduced inflammation, and longevity. Flavonoid antioxidants are also found in brilliantly colored fruits and vegetables, such as berries.



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