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Uncaria gambier Extract

Botanical Name : Uncaria gambier Extract
Common Name : Gambier
Assay : 60% -90% Catechin by HPLC
90% Tannins by Titration

Description :

Southeast Asia, particularly Malaysia and Indonesia, is home to Uncaria gambir, sometimes known as the gambier or gambir. Gambier is a climbing or straggling shrub with square young stems sprouting horizontal branches with recurved hooks that aid the plant in clinging to supports. These hooks are really modified peduncles of the inflorescences. Gambier is taken out of the wild for use and commerce in the area, primarily as a source of tannins and medicine. Gambier leaves and young branches are harvested for their resin, which is then crystallized and sold in little cubes or blocks. This is a great source of tannins that may be used to dye silk black, preserve ropes and nets, and make traditional batiks.

Gambier extract, also known as katha, is used or has been used as a herbal remedy, for tanning and dyeing, as well as a catechu to be chewed with areca and betel. Native Americans in employed gambier extract as a medical treatment or preventative measure for miasma (unhealthy odor). According to legend, gambir is effective as a styptic and astringent. As a supportive treatment for diarrhea and dysentery, the extract is administered as an infusion. Additionally, this infusion is gargled on sore throats and irritated gums. Externally, it is used in paste form for scurf (dry skin caused by dandruff or fungal infections) and lotions for burns. External application may also be beneficial for treating lumbago and sciatica.



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