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Citrus acida Extract

Botanical Name : Citrus limon Extract
Common Name : Lime peel Extract
Assay : 10%-20% Flavonoids by Gravimetry
Applications : GIT Protective Agent, Anti-Oxidant Agent
Product Usage : For Skin Vitality (Anti-Oxidant)

Description :

By crushing and drying the fruit rind of the Citrus Limonum plant, lemon peel extract is produced. Lemon peel extract, which has been applied externally for centuries, contains volatile oil. When used internally, approximately 12 tsp is beneficial as an aromatic, stomachic, and carminative when mixed with herbal teas, smoothies, etc. Additionally, it can be combined with other spices to strengthen digestion.

A study revealed that lemon peel extract contains volatile oil, citric acid, and vitamin C. It is applied externally along with a variety of common components to enhance the texture and quality of skin. For the face, hands, and feet, a lemon peel and honey mask provides the ideal scrub.
Additionally, using a little milk and some dried lemon peels, wheat extract, and honey, one can form a coarse paste. After applying the paste to the body in circular motions, wash it off. This mask will assist in reducing physical and mental stress and leaving the skin looking clear and young.

Contains milk and lemon peel extract If you like, papaya fruit juice can be made into a paste that you can apply or smear over your face and then let dry. Use fresh water to clean it after that. As a result, the skin will become hydrated and supple. Lemons include a high amount of Vitamin C, which will aid to lighten skin tone and erase dark spots brought on by skin tan.

The Hadjod extract or Cissus Extract Capsules are rich in Vitamin C, a necessary component of collagen and a stimulant of tissue growth and repair. Due to its ability to reduce cramping and discomfort related to menstruation, cissus extract is highly sought after in the herbal therapy market. According to a study, those who regularly used the Cissus quadrangularis extract in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regimen were able to lose weight. Additionally, studies have shown that the treatment has a beneficial impact on inflamed hemorrhoids as well as a general improvement in health.



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