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Garcinia Mangostana Extractt

Botanical Name : Garcinia Mangostana Extract
Common Name : Mangosteen Extract
Assay : 10% Mangostin by HPLC
Applications : Anti-Oxidant Agent, GIT Protective Agent
Product Usage : Astringent, Anti-oxidant

Description :

Southeast Asian island nations are home to the edible mangosteen tree, botanically known as Garcinia mangostana and also referred to as the purple mangosteen. The mangosteen tree has been introduced to Florida, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Southeast Asia, and southwest India, where it primarily grows. The tree can reach heights of 6 to 25 m. The mangosteen fruit has a deep reddish-purple colored exocarp that is inedible and is sweet and sour, juicy, slightly fibrous, with fluid-filled vesicles (like the flesh of citrus fruits). Mangosteen is well recognized for its historical use as a remedy.

The presence of natural compounds like xanthones (mangostin) and benzophenones, which are advantageous as drug candidates for inflammatory diseases of the nervous system, arthritis, cancer, and the digestive system as well as dermal and muscular problems, has been confirmed by scientific research on mangosteen. The function of the gastro-intestinal lining is enhanced by the protective effects of mangosteen extract, which also acts as an antioxidant. Mangosteen has gained popularity as a dietary supplement in recent years due to its potential health benefits and ability to aid in weight loss. The mangosteen fruit is exceptional because it is the most plentiful source of a wide variety of "natural" chemical xanthones (Mangostin), which are mostly in charge of their health-promoting effects.



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