Mucuna Pruriens Extract Supplier in India Alpspure Life Sciences is a major Mucuna Pruriens Extracts manufacturer, supplier, dealer, and wholesaler in India. Mucuna Pruriens is also known as Cowhage. It contains levodopa, effective in curing Parkinson's Disease. Levodopa produces dopamine in the brain. Synthetic Levodopa exhibits side effects like loss of appetite, vomiting, lower blood pressure and confusion, but natural Mucuna Pruriens Extract is safe and free from the harmful side effects of levodopa.

Health Benefits of Mucuna Pruriens Extracts

It improves fertility in men by increasing semen volume, sperm count and sperm motility.

Increases libido in both men and women

Used in building muscles.

Increases lactation in breastfeeding mothers.

Lowers the effects of poisonous snake bites.

Helpful in treating Parkinson’s disease.

Treats insomnia.

Why Us

Herbal Products are the best as they exhibit no side effects on health. They are a boon to humans by Mother nature. They work like magic whether it’s medicines, herbal extracts or vegetable powders. Alpspure life sciences promote chemical free solutions to clients all across the globe. We proudly offer our clients top quality herbal extracts like Mucuna Pruriens extracts at very reasonable prices. The herbal products offered by the company are highly effective and are formulated with the help of a talented research and development team which makes us the best Mucuna Pruriens extracts distributors in Delhi

Mucuna Extract
Specification -L-DOPA 10% & 50%


Mucuna pruriens (Fabaceae) is an established herbal drug used for the management of male infertility, nervous disorders, and also as an aphrodisiac. It has been shown that its seeds are potentially of substantial medicinal importance.

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