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Mucuna Pruriens Extract

Botanical Name : Mucuna Pruriens Extract
Common Name : Cowhage Extract (Mucuna)
Assay : 20% -60% L-Dopa (HPLC)
Applications : Nervine Tonic Agents
Product Usage : Tonic, Dopaminergic, For Parkinson

Description :

Tropical legume Mucuna pruriens, sometimes known as cowhage, is widely farmed and naturalized and is native to Africa and tropical Asia. The common names for it in English include velvet bean, cowage, and cowitch. The plant is infamous for producing intense itching when touched, especially when the young foliage and seed pods are involved. Sanskrit names for Mucuna pruriens include Atmagupta, which means "secret self," and Kapikacchu, which translates as "one starts itching like a monkey." Both names allude to the medicinal potential of the seed contained within the allergenic seedpod.

Mucuna has been utilized in Ayurveda for a long time to treat a variety of neurological and general debility issues. It is used to treat Vata, Pitta, and Kapha dysfunction, especially when those doshas are inflamed. It has a warm potency and is predominantly Sweet & Bitter. Mucuna is specifically used as an aphrodisiac to promote spermatogenesis and to fortify muscles and ligaments. According to Ayurveda, mucuna soothes overactive Vata in the Majja Dhatu (Nervous System), gives strength to the nerves' fundamental structure, and aids in maintaining body motion.

According to research, mucuna safeguards the brain by regulating cognitive and neurological processes and even promoting neuronal activity. To counteract the free radical's effects, especially on the brain, the antioxidants present give it an electron. Mucuna has the extra advantage of preventing systemic redness in the brain, which is frequently a contributing factor to brain aging.

L-DOPA, a substance found in mucuna, is an exact precursor to the neurotransmitter. In addition to raising general energy levels, it helps to increase libido and lean muscle mass while decreasing body fat and aging symptoms like wrinkles.

Due to the enormous variety of other chemical components present in the unprocessed plant, L-DOPA from Mucuna has been demonstrated to be both safer and more effective for treating a variety of neurologic issues. Since these individuals lack the neurotransmitters serotonin (which the velvet beans contain and help balance in the human body), mucuna also appears to be very promising as an adjuvent treatment for alcohol withdrawal syndrome, depression-related illnesses, and recovering drug addicts.



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