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Origanum Vulgare Extract

Botanical Name : Origanum Vulgare Extract
Common Name : Oregano Extract
Assay : 5% Polyphenols by UV
4% Volatile Oil by Gravimetry
Applications : GIT Protective Agent
Product Usage : Aromatic, Stimulant, Flavouring agent

Description :

The flowering plant known as oregano belongs to the mint family (Lamiaceae), and its scientific name is Origanum vulgare. The Mediterranean region and temperate Western and Southwestern Eurasia are the native home of oregano. A perennial herb, oregano can reach heights of 20–80 cm (7.9–31.5 in). Oregano was used for joy and happiness, and the name derives from the Greek words "oros," which means mountain, and "ganos," which means joy. A Mediterranean plant called oregano is used in cooking and medicine for anything from curing diseases to warding off insects. The flavor of oregano's leaves, which are used in cooking, can be enhanced when dried rather than fresh. It has a flavor that might vary in intensity but is often fragrant, warm, and slightly bitter.

Oregano is used as an aromatic oil and a dietary supplement. Oregano is used in meat marinades, to flavor sauces, and to produce herb-flavored bread rolls. The oregano herbal tea is used as a mouthwash to treat tooth infections and sore throats and may help to relieve headaches, urinary issues, diarrhea, nausea, lung disorders, vomiting, and jaundice. In addition to helping with indigestion, bloating, flatulence, and menstruation symptoms, oregano is a fantastic cold and flu medicine. Antioxidants, polyphenols, thymol, carvacrol, limonene, terpinene, ocimene, and caryophyllene, which give the herb its flavor and aroma, have been proven by scientific study to be present.

They additionally support the therapeutic effects of oregano oil. In the future, active oregano components may be used to treat osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and other joint-related issues. Due to the abundance of antioxidants in oregano, oxidative stress around cells is reduced, and the metabolism as a whole is improved, helping to control high blood sugar and manage blood cholesterol levels. Oregano is also effective at easing cramps and elevating mood throughout the menstrual cycle.



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