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Phyllanthus Niruri Extract

Botanical Name : Phyllanthus Niruri Extract
Common Name : Bhui Amla Extract
Assay : 20% Tannin by Titration
Applications : Hepatoprotective agent
Product Usage : Anti-Hepatotoxic

Description :

Bhui amla or Bhumyamlaki, also known as gale of the wind, stonebreaker, or seed-under-leaf, is a ubiquitous tropical plant that is typically found in coastal locations and has the scientific name Phyllanthus niruri. The plant Phyllanthus niruri, which is a member of the Euphorbiaceae family and has a widespread distribution, is utilized in Ayurvedic and folk medicine in Brazil. More than 50 different chemicals, including bitters, alkaloids, flavanoids, lignans, and triterpenes, were discovered in a scientific investigation of Bhui amla extract. The triterpenes are one of these compounds that has been shown to decrease the cytotoxicity brought on by calcium oxalate as well as to lessen the excretion of components that contribute to kidney stone formation and markers of crystal deposition.

Additionally, an extract from the leaves of Phyllanthus niruri containing lignans and phyllanthin demonstrated an improvement in the decrease of toxicity, such as uric acids, in the urinary tract. The alkaloids derived from plants in the Phyllanthus niruri genus exhibit an antispasmodic effect that causes smooth muscle relaxation, which is primarily seen in the urinary system and might aid in the removal of urinary calculi. These findings overwhelmingly point to Bhui amla or Phyllanthus niruri as potential sources of a wide range of compounds with antilithiasic effects. Bhui amla is frequently used to treat jaundice, liver and spleen enlargement, malaria, urinary tract infections, and blood detoxification, according to authentic ayurvedic scriptures. The bitters found in Phyllanthus niruri have been shown by modern research to be effective in treating liver inflammation and toxicity.



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