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Picrorrhiza Kurroa Extract

Botanical Name : Picrorrhiza Kurroa Extract
Common Name : Kutki Extract
Assay : 5%-10% Bitters by Gravimetry
Product Usage : Laxative, Bitter tonic, Liver wellness, Emmenagogue

Description :

One of the main non-timber forest products that generates money in the Nepalese Himalayas is Picrorhiza kurroa. One of the earliest therapeutic plants from the Karnali region to be traded is this one. This herb, also called kutki, katuki, or picrorhiza, is perennial. Kutki can be found in abundance between 3500 and 4800 meters above sea level in Nepal as well as in the Himalayan region from Kashmir to Sikkim. According to ayurveda, kutki is a bitter-tonic that is effective as a laxative for removing unwanted undigested materials from the intestine; it also enhances digestion and appetite, relieves feverish symptoms, improves the flow of bile pigments and removes excess heat from the body, enhances heart pumping, removes extra cellular fluids, and helps with sugar regulation.

In a double-blind trial for viral hepatitis, the renowned, effective, polyherbal ayurvedic drug Arogyavardhini, which contains 50% Picrorrhiza kurroa, was also successful in improving Liver functioning and its parameters. According to scientific research, kutki extract is rich in bitter components, which are irioid glycoside compounds. The herbal plant Kutki contains picrosides, which are bitter and are renowned for their hepatoprotective, anti-inflammatory, anti-asthmatic, anticancer, and immuno-modulator properties.



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