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Piper Longum Extract

Botanical Name : Piper Longum Extract
Common Name : Long Pepper
Assay : 2% -3% Piperine by HPLC
Product Usage : Supports Healthy Digestive & Immune System Supports de-toxification of Liver & Lungs

Description :

Piper Longum, often known as linn, is a plant that is native to Ceylon, northern and eastern India, and eastern Bengal. The fruit of Indian Long Pepper Extract is known as pippali. Pippali is a potent herb that revitalizes and strengthens the body. It is helpful for a variety of illnesses, particularly those affecting the digestive system, genital system, skin, liver, and spleen. According to scientific research, pippali contains piperlongumine and other helpful alkaloids that have a number of positive effects, including acting as an antioxidant, reducing chronic cough and cold symptoms, and preventing uncontrollable cell proliferation. As a painkiller and anti-inflammatory, piper longum powder has also demonstrated encouraging results in joint inflammations.



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