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Piper Nigrum Extract

Botanical Name : Piper Nigrum Extract
Common Name : Black Pepper Extract
Assay : 5%-95% Piperine by HPLC
Application : Anti-Oxidant Agents, GIT Protective Agents
Product Usage : Antioxidant, Carminative, Antiseptic, Stimulates digestion

Description :

A flowering vine in the Piperaceae family, black pepper, or Kali miri, or Kali Mirch, is grown for its fruit, a peppercorn, which is often dried and consumed as a spice and condiment. Today's Kerala in South India is where black pepper originates originally from, and it is widely grown there as well as in other tropical areas. Since ancient times, peppercorns have been ground, dried, and fried for flavor and as a traditional remedy. One of the most popular spices used in cuisines worldwide and one of the most traded spices in the world is black pepper.

A scientific investigation of black pepper extract revealed the existence of the natural chemical piperine, which accounts for the spice. Aromatic black pepper aids in bettering digestive processes. Black pepper is a crucial spice for digestive health (it aids in enhancing nutrient absorption from food) and is helpful for bloating and flatulence. The piperine included in black pepper extract serves as an antioxidant to enhance respiratory processes, clear phlegm, and lessen lung inflammation. When suffering from a cough or cold, black pepper helps to lower fever and body aches. Regular consumption of black pepper tea helps to lessen joint discomfort and inflammation.



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