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Pueraria Tuberosa Extract

Botanical Name : Pueraria Tuberosa Extract
Common Name : Kudzu Indian Extract
Assay : 2% -3% Flavonoids by Gravimetry
Applications : Rejuvenating Agents
Product Usage : General Tonic, refrigerant

Description :

The Fabaceae family of plants includes the climbing, coiling, and trailing vine known as Vidarikand (in Sanskrit), also known by its botanical name Pueraria tuberosa. It has substantial tuberous roots. The height of a fully developed plant is between 5 and 6 meters. The insides of the globose or pot-shaped tubers, which measure approximately 25 centimeters (9.8 in) across, are white, starchy, and just moderately pleasant. The blossom of the vidarikand plant is blue or bluish purple in color. Vidarikand, also referred to as Indian Kudzu, is primarily found in Pakistan, Nepal, and India.

The writings of Ayurveda describe Vidarikand as difficult to digest, aiding in boosting the moisture content of tissues and the stickiness of secretions. According to Ayurveda, Vidarikand has a sweet flavor that carries through to the end of the digestive process. Indian kudzu, also known as vidarikand, aids in cooling and refreshing bodily tissues and cells. These characteristics help to reduce pitta, vata, and blood heat. The usage of Vidarikand to support a healthy reproductive system is also mentioned in Ayurveda.

Studies have revealed that roots include plant-based flavonoids, naturally occurring plant sterols, sugars, and amino acids. Indian kudzu is beneficial as a revitalizing tonic and stimulant that encourages the growth of lean muscle, strength, and weight. Vidarikand promotes strong and healthy performance. Regular consumption of Vidarikand enhances urinary tract output and functioning. Women who have recently given birth are thought to benefit from using vidarikand to enhance the lactation process.



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