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Punica Granatum Rinds Extract

Botanical Name : Punica Granatum Rinds Extract
Common Name : Pomegranate Rinds Extract
Assay : 10%-20% Tannins by Titration
Applications : Anti-Oxidant Agents, GIT Protective Agents
Product Usage : Antioxidant, Stomachic

Description :

Punica granatum, also known as dadim (Latin: Punica granatum), is a significant fruit that is frequently used to preserve healthy intestinal flora and fauna.Dadim or pomegranate dried fruit rind extract works as a probiotic to strengthen the digestive system. According to Ayurveda, dadim has a positive effect on vitiated vata and kapha. It aids in dissolving or eliminating poisonous waste known as Aam (in Ayurveda), which is the primary cause of many diseases. Due to its kashaya-tikta (astringent-bitter) taste and tannin content, dadim chaal (fruit rind) extract has been utilized in Ayurveda since the dawn of time for gastrointestinal disorders such diarrhea, dysentery, bleeding from the anal region, swelling of hemorrhoids, and others. It promotes healing (aids in stopping bleeding), improves digestion, and is also a liver tonic.

Additionally, it enhances taste buds and appetite. Pomegranate peel extract is rich in antioxidants, thus regular consumption helps to keep the heart muscles and coronary arteries in good condition. Dadim chaal extract has external uses, such as treating acne or pimples on the face by applying a paste made of the extract, lemon juice, and rose water. After giving it some time to dry, thoroughly wash it off with lukewarm water. Take two spoonfuls of the extract and mix in a little milk for a glowing complexion. If you have oily skin, mix the extract with rose water rather than milk when forming a paste out of it.

Apply this specific paste to your face and leave it there till it dries. For better results, wash the skin with warm water and try using the extract at least twice a week. Take two spoonfuls of extract and combine them with one spoon of brown sugar forsupple skin. One spoon of honey, one spoon of avocado oil, or any other essential oil of your choice can be added to the mixture to make a paste. Next, scrub the face collectively and give it a good massage. To get smooth, supple skin, wash it off with water.

Take 2 teaspoons of extract and boil them in water to use for gargling. The mixture should now be strained, and it should cool for some time. Next, gargle often with this water to get relief from bad breath, tonsil pain, and sore throat.Pomegranate peel extract applied topically to the gums can reduce gum swelling, inflammation, and bleeding. Pomegranate extract can be used as a toothpowder to prevent dental cavities when coupled with very small amounts of freshly ground black pepper.



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