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Rauvolfia Vomitoria Extract

Botanical Name : Rauvolfia Vomitoria Extract
Common Name : Rauvolfia Extract
Assay : 98% Reserpine by HPLC
Product Usage : Controls Blood Pressure

Description :

The height of Rauvolfia vomitoria, also known as sarpagandha in India, can vary greatly. Typically, Rauvolfia grows to a height of 0.5 to 20 meters, while examples as large as 40 meters have been documented. For local use as a source of materials and medicine, the tree is cut down in the wild. For the pharmaceutical sector, rauvolfia is frequently taken from the wild and sold to regions like Europe as a source of chemicals, particularly reserpine. Rauvolfia vomitoria has largely taken the position of the Indian species Rauvolfia serpentina as the primary source of reserpine.

In plantations, the plant is frequently grown as a hedge and shade tree, and it is also grown in many tropical and subtropical regions as an avenue tree and decorative plant. In Ayurvedic medicine, rauvolfia is cited as being helpful in treating the toxicity brought on by snake and scorpion bites, lowering fever, and curing ulcers. In addition to being a significant source of many chemicals used in the pharmaceutical industry, including reserpine, Rauvolfia vomitoria is widely utilized in traditional African medicine. It contains between 40 and 80 distinct indole alkaloids in total. A well-known antihypertensive renowned for sedating and relaxing the nerves is reserpine.

Reserpine is a sympatholytic drug that affects peripheral and central nerve terminals indirectly. Norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin levels are decreased as a result of reserpine's impairment of biogenic amine storage. Norepinephrine depletion causes a long-lasting reduction in blood pressure. Extract from rauvolfia improves the effects of analgesics on headaches and helps to improve social behavior. The immune system and hematological indices of the experimental animals were improved by rauwolfia vomitoria extract, whether it was combined with vitamin E or not.



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