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Rhubarb Extract | Rheum Emodi Extract

Botanical Name : Rheum Emodi Extract
Common Name : Indian rhubarb Extract
Assay : > 5.0% Anthraquinones by UV
Product Usage : Blood purifier, Purgative

Description :

Revand chini, also known as Himalayan rhubarb or Indian rhubarb, is a robust herb that is native to the Himalayan region and is found in temperate and subtropical regions from Kashmir to Sikkim in India at an elevation of 2800-3000 meters. Its scientific name is Rheum emodi. On rocky soils, moraines in Nepal or Bhutan, revand chini thrives in the alpine region. Indian rhubarb is the dried subterranean stem or rhizome of the plant, which can be eaten whole or split into manageable pieces. The Himalayan rhubarb roots are dug up, sliced transversely into short pieces (rounds and flats), threaded on a string, and dried in the sun or with heat sources.
Revand chini powder supports healthy digestive functioning and acts as a bitter tonic. Indian rhubarb is mostly used as a purgative in western medicine. Paradoxically, even though Revand chini was taken in higher quantities as a laxative, smaller amounts were used to encourage good stool formation in loose movements conditions, according to Ayurvedic texts. Rheum emodi aids in detoxification and supports bile duct functioning in jaundice. Himalayan rhubarb consumption on a regular basis encourages cleaning of the uterine lining and good monthly menstruation flow (For this - Two days before menstruation and for three days during period, Himalayan rhubarb powder is consumed.
Revand chini has a beneficial and healing impact on clearing out an obstruction in the airways caused by additional phlegm. Revand chini powdered roots are historically used to ulcers for rapid healing as well as for teeth cleaning.
Numerous components, including flavonoids, anthraquinones, glycosides, tannins, volatile oils, and saponins, have been identified in scientific studies of Indian rhubarb extract as supporting purgative, laxative, stomachic, skin, blood purifier, and menstrual health effects.

Application of Rhubarb Extract:

  1. Traditional medicine: In traditional medicine, rhubarb extract is used to treat gastrointestinal issues like constipation, indigestion, and diarrhea as well as to enhance liver function and lower cholesterol levels.
  2. Food industry: Rhubarb extract is a natural food coloring and flavoring agent used in the food industry to flavor and color foods like ice cream, yogurt, and baked goods.
  3. Cosmetics: Due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics, rhubarb extract is utilized as a component in skin care products in the cosmetics and personal care industries.
  4. Agriculture: The use of rhubarb extract as a natural pesticide, fungicide, and herbicide in agriculture has been researched.
  5. Research: Rhubarb extract is utilized to find new bioactive chemicals with therapeutic potential as well as to study any potential health benefits that it may have.
Manufacturer of rhubarb extract is Alpspure Lifesciences.


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