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Rosmarinus Officnalis Extract

Botanical Name : Rosmarinus Officnalis Extract
Common Name : Rosemary Extract
Assay : 20% Carnosic Acid by HPLC
5% Rosmarinic acid by HPLC
Product Usage : Anti-oxidant, Reduces Microbes responsible for bad breath

Description :

The Mediterranean and Asian regions are home to the woody, perennial herb Rosmarinus officinalis, also known as rosemary. It has aromatic, evergreen, needle-like leaves and white, pink, purple, or blue flowers. The mint family Lamiaceae, which also comprises a variety of other herbs, includes rosemary. Latin ros marinus (literally, "dew of the sea") is where the word "rosemary" originates. Rosemary's root system is fibrous. According to legend, rosemary is utilized in cooking, in personal fragrances, and possibly even for health reasons. In gardens, where it is utilized as a decorative plant, rosemary may offer pest-controlling properties. The leaves are used to flavor a variety of meals, including roast meats and stuffing. Every cuisine in the world benefits from the delicious flavor that rosemary adds.

The younger leaves, which have a sweeter flavor and can withstand cooking even at high temperatures, are favoured. They have a distinctive scent that goes well with many cooked meals and a bitter, astringent flavor. Omega 3-rich oils are susceptible to rancidity, and rosemary extract has been found to extend their shelf life and increase their heat stability.

Rosmarinic acid, camphor, caffeic acid, ursolic acid, betulinic acid, and carnosic acid are only a few of the phytochemicals found in rosemary. Camphor makes between 10–20% of rosemary essential oil. In addition, rosemary is a strong provider of calcium, iron, and vitamin B-6. Possible health advantages include acting as antioxidants, preventing bad breath, enhancing focus, improving eye and hair health, and slowing the aging process of the brain. While teas and liquid extracts are often manufactured from fresh or dried leaves, rosemary is normally prepared as a whole dried herb or a dried powdered extract. According to traditional beliefs, rosemary can aid to reduce muscle discomfort, enhance memory and attention, strengthen the immune and circulatory systems, and encourage hair development.

Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory chemicals found in abundance in rosemary powder are supposed to help strengthen the immune system and enhance blood circulation. Rosemary leaves are used to make an aromatic essential oil that is utilized in the baking, perfumery, and herbal medicine sectors. Due to its astringent, spasmolytic, antiinflammatory, expectorant, carminative, antirheumatic, analgesic, antibacterial, and hypotensive characteristics, rosemary has also been widely utilized as a medical herb. Rosemay extract supports the liver's health and functions.



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