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Rubia Cordifolia Extract

Botanical Name : Rubia Cordifolia Extract
Common Name : Manjistha Extract
Assay : 5% Polyphenols by UV
5%-20% Flavanoids by Gravimetry
Product Usage : Skin wellness, Wound Healing

Description :

Manjistha, also known as Rubia Cordifolia Extract, is a branching climber that grows in the mountainous regions of India's Nilgiri and North-West Himalayas. It has small, greenish white or pale yellow blooms that are grouped together with fleshy, spherical, red to black berries. According to the Ayurvedic Concept of Tridosha, Manjistha relieves agitated pitta and unclogs kapha. Manjistha's propensity for balancing pitta may assist a number of imbalances in the body that are amplified by pitta, particularly those of the blood.

Manjistha is an excellent support for the female reproductive system, especially during the childbearing years, as many menstrual difficulties are caused by clogged lymph. Manjistha is regarded as one of the best herbs for skin because of its impact on the lymph; it helps the skin to balance everything from itching to rashes and breakouts. It functions as a general rejuvenative agent to help with skin complexion improvement.



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