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Convolvulus scammonia Extract

Botanical Name : Convolvulus scammonia Extract
Common Name : Scammony Resin Extract
Assay : 80% Ether Solubility by Gravimetry
Product Usage : Purgative, Cathartic, Diuretic, Hepatic

Description :

Scammony Resin Extract: The glucoside scammonin, also known as jalaphin or scammonoae resina, is the active ingredient in scammonu.Residue is dried in a heated chamber after the solvent has been removed from the resin extraction process.

Similar to certain other resins, scammony is inert until it enters the duodenum, when it meets bile and undergoes a chemical reaction with taurocholate and sodium glycocholate that transforms it into a potent purgative.

We have developed a reputation as a top exporter and manufacturer of scammony resin. These resins are removed from the roots of scammony in our sanitary facility with the assistance of knowledgeable personnel. Our scammony resin kills both roundworms and tapeworms and is particularly helpful in treating severe constipation. Our valued customers can obtain these resins from us within the allotted time frame in secure and hygienic packaging.



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