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Asparagus Racemosus Extract I Shatavari Extract

Botanical Name : Asparagus Racemosus Extract
Common Name : Shatavari Extract (Satavar)
Assay : 20% - 50% Saponins by Gravimetry
Applications : Women Healthcare Agents
Product Usage: Galactogogue, Tonic, Immuno-Modulator

Description :

A species of asparagus known as Asparagus Racemosus, also known as Satavar, Shatavari, or Shatamull, is widely distributed in Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, and the Himalayas. In tropical and subtropical India, shatavari, or asparagus racemosus, is a significant herb in traditional medicine. The Indian and British Pharmacopoeias as well as conventional medical practices like Ayurveda, Unani, and Siddha have all documented its medicinal use.

Ayurveda says. Asparagus has a chilly, sweet-bitter flavor and can help with problems of the vata, pitta, and rakta (blood). It is a nutritive rejuvenator that also supports nutrition, brain function, eye health, and milk duct flow in postpartum mothers. The priceless bodily fluid known as Ojas, which is responsible for regulating immunity, energy, virility, and sleep, is also aided by hatavari.
Thus, it is also known as the "Queen of Herbs"! For weak and malnourished women, asparagus, also known as shatavari, is a key uterine tonic. It promotes uterine health & wellbeing in all ages. Safeguarding it from a variety of illnesses & mood changes, especially throughout menopause. The male reproductive system is also helped by asparagus. Its mucous-enhancing characteristics maintain a healthy sperm count and genital organs in males by increasing the reproductive fluids.

According to current research, shatavari, or asparagus, is largely useful as a reproductive tonic (for both sexes), encourages a calming impact on the digestive system, and acts as a potent adaptogen (which aids the body in adjusting to a variety of unfavorable environments). Shatavari functions as a reproductive tonic, regulating female hormones and the menstrual cycle while easing vaginal pain. During pregnancy, childbirth, and adequate lactation (milk flow and production), shatavari supports uterine strength. During menopause, hatavari aids in lowering hot flashes, nocturnal sweats, irritability, hormonal imbalances, and dryness.

Applications of Shatavari Extract:

  1. Women’s health: Shatavari extract is frequently used to enhance the reproductive health of women. It is thought to improve fertility, balance hormones, and lessen menopausal symptoms.
  2. Health of the digestive system: Shatavari extract may enhance digestion by lowering inflammation and calming the digestive system. Additionally, it might aid in reducing the signs and symptoms of illnesses like irritable bowel syndrome and acid reflux.
  3. Support for the immune system: The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant chemicals found in shatavari extract may work to strengthen the immune system and ward against infections.
  4. Relief from stress and anxiety: By functioning as an adaptogen, which helps the body deal with stress, shatavari extract may help reduce stress and anxiety.
  5. Anti-inflammatory properties: The extract from shatavari contains substances that may help lessen pain and inflammation in the body.
Shatavari extract is produced by Alpspure Lifesciences.


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