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Silybum marianum Extract

Botanical Name : Silybum marianum Extract
Common Name : Milk thistle
Assay : 80% Total Silymarin by UV
50% Total Silymarin by HPLC

Description :

Cardus marianus, milk thistle, Mary thistle, Mediterranean milk thistle, and Scotch thistle are some of the alternative names for Silybum marianum. This species belongs to the Asteraceae family and is an annual or biennial plant. Originally native to Southern Europe and Asia, milk thistle is now widespread throughout the globe. The herb plant milk thistle grows for one to two years upright. It has a height range of 60 to 150 cm, and from June to September, it bears purple daisy heads made entirely of tubular flowers. Outside of its native habitat, milk thistle has been widely spread; examples include North America, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, and Colombia, where it is now regarded as an invasive weed.

Silybum marinum's young stems and leaves, which are either raw or cooked as a vegetable, are said to offer medicinal benefits for purging the blood, balancing the liver, alleviating catarrh, and enhancing milk flow in nursing mothers. The seeds of milk thistle, which contain 4-6% silymarin, are used to make traditional milk thistle extract. The extract is composed of 20–35% fatty acids, including linoleic acid, and 65–80% silymarin (a flavonolignan complex). By lowering the generation of free radicals and lipid peroxidation, silymarin functions as an antioxidant. A prospective treatment for hepatocellular carcinoma is silymarin, which has been used to treat alcoholic liver disease, viral hepatitis, and toxin-induced liver disorders. Milk thistle extract helps to reduce joint inflammation, making it beneficial for problems connected to arthritis.



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