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Smilax Glabra Extract

Botanical Name : Smilax Glabra Extract
Common Name : Chopchini Extract
Assay : 10%-20% Saponins by Gravimetry
Applications : Skin Protective Agent, Anti-Inflammation Agent
Product Usage : Anti-syphillitic, Blood cleansing

Description :

The evergreen and deciduous Chobchini/Chopchini/China root [Botanical Name: Smilax china] shrub reaches a height of around 10 mt. Smilax china is mostly indigenous to China, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan, although it is now widely imported or naturalized in India, Vietnam, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Myanmar. It is also found in forests, hillsides, and shady areas along valleys in China, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. According to Ayurveda, the herb "chopchini" has a bitter flavor and a strong heat. According to Ayurvedic scriptures, chobchini is a very effective herb for treating constipation, abdominal distension, and severe abdominal pain. It is also useful for igniting the digestive fire. Chobchini helps the body's physiological process of eliminating waste products like feces and urine. China root works on exacerbated vata dosha and may be useful for reducing physical pain.

According to scientific research, the extract of chobchini contains saponins, lipids, sugars, and glucoside. Chobchini regularly used promotes healthy kidney and intestinal processes. Combining spinach with sarsaparilla (hemidesmus indicus) or anantmool is believed to be effective in relieving chronic headaches. Chobchini maintains a healthy lymphatic system and fights off bacterial attacks on the body. China root aids in blood purification and cleansing to prevent skin issues including dermatitis and fungal infections. Chopchini is a highly helpful plant that is utilized to increase cellular energy and internal power. Smilax china root water decoction aids in enhancing reproductive capabilities and enhancing performance and energy. In India, it has been discovered that a fresh root water extract is beneficial for sores and genital illnesses.



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