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Solanum Xanthocarpum Extract

Botanical Name : Solanum Xanthocarpum Extract
Common Name : Kantkari Extract
Assay : 1%-2.5% Alkaloids by Gravimetry
Applications : Lung Protective Agents
Product Usage : Lung Protective Agents

Description :

The medicinal plant Solanum xanthocarpum, also known as yellow-berried nightshade, Indian night shade, or yellow-berried night shade plant, is mostly utilized in India. Kantakari, Ringani, and Kateri are some of its other common names. Thorny Nightshade is a herb that is 50-70 cm tall, upright, occasionally woody at the base, and heavily armed with thick, needle-like, broad-based prickles that are 0.5-2 cm 0.5-1.5 mm in length. The kantakari plant is grown in the Himalayas, Australia, South-East Malaysia, and the Polynesian region. The plant is widely distributed throughout India, frequently in squatter areas, by the sides of roads, and in open areas. For centuries, Ayurvedic traditional medicines have treated a variety of infectious and degenerative disorders with kantakari (Solanaceae family).

Kantkari is a prickly plant that plays a crucial role in the Dashamula (a traditional Ayurvedic science recipe made up of 10 effective herbs). Dashamula is a generic important formula. According to Ayurveda, it can be used to treat bronchitis-related problems such as cough expectoration, diuretic, detoxification, laxative, fever, body aches, swollen heart muscles, pleurisy, and stomach bloating. Orissan tribal and rural residents manage diabetes with a decoction made from the plant's Kantakari fruits. According to the results of the current study, the phytoconstituents found in Kantakari fruit contain significant amounts of flavonoids, triterpenes, saponins, antioxidants, and beneficial alkaloids. The Solanum or Indian night shade plant has been proved through scientific research to have anti-urolithiatic and natriuretic activity, tumoricidal characteristics, as well as anti-allergic and anti-cancerous benefits.

This herb may be administered nasally to help with migraine and headache relief. The plant's fumigation is beneficial in heaps. Treatment for gonorrhea involves using the plant's decoction. Antipyretic, anthelmintic, carminative, stomachic, febrifuge, laxative, rejuvenating, and aphrodisiac characteristics are all present in the plant extract.



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