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Terminalia Belerica Extract

Botanical Name : Terminalia Belerica Extract
Common Name : Beleric Myrobalan Extract (Bibhitaki / Baheda)
Assay : 20%-50% Tannins by Titration
Applications : GIT Protective Agents
Product Usage : GIT Protective Agents

Description :

The name Bibhitak is "Vibheetaki," where "bheeta" denotes dread and "Vibheeta" denotes lack of fear. The fruit that dispels fear of illness is what the name "Vibheetaki" in its entirety refers to. One of the key herbs in the three myrobalans (fruits, Triphalla - 3 fruits), namely Amla, Harde, and Baheda, is known by the scientific name Terminalia Bellirica. According to Ayurveda, Bibhitak is hot in potency and aids in the body's reduction of vitiated Pitta & Kapha Dosha's (Humors).

Bibhitak is a natural laxative that addresses constipation-related issues by containing dietary fibers that are digestive agents. Additionally, this aids in the eradication of anal pain and piles issues. When combined with Harde and Amla (triphalla) powder in equal amounts, Bibhitak powder aids in detoxifying the body and revitalizing each organ. Early in the morning, Ayurveda recommends taking Bibhitak powder with honey to treat colds and coughs, reduce throat inflammation, and soothe sore throats. When eaten every day at night with warm water or buttermilk, bibhitak powder helps to minimize spleen swelling. The tannins and other components of Bibhitak have a good positive impact on brain function, enhancing it.

It is advised to apply a paste of Bibhitak powder and warm water on acne or black patches on the skin, and to wash it off once it has dried. When applied to skin allergy issues brought on by jewellery, white sandalwood powder and Bibhitak powder paste combined with rose water have similar beneficial effects. Additionally, a paste made of Bibhitak and plain, chilly water is put around each eye to absorb excess heat from the area.



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