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Terminalia Chebula Extract

Botanical Name : Terminalia Chebula Extract
Common Name : Chebulic Myrobalan Extract (Haritaki / Harde)
Assay : 20%-50% Tannins by Titration
Applications : Rejuvenating Agents, GIT Protective Agents
Product Usage : Detoxifier, Laxative, Anti-oxidant

Description :

Traditional healers have held Harde or Haritaki [Bot Name: Terminalia Chebula Extract] in the highest respect since ancient times, and they have every reason to name it the MOTHER OF HERBS! It is commonly utilized in ayurvedic medicine for Rejuvenation & Detoxification to treat a variety of diseases. It is one of the crucial three fruits used in "Triphala" (Three Myrobalans), an ayurvedic generic drug that has gained worldwide recognition for its health advantages. According to ayurvedic scriptures, it has pacifying characteristics for the three doshas—Vata, Pitta, and Kapha—and functions as a herbal tonic with numerous health advantages.

Harde, also known as Terminalia Chebula, is a moderate laxative that primarily aids in digestion and the removal of toxins from the body. Harde fruit powder promotes overall health as well as the health of the liver, spleen, eyes, brain, throat, intestine, skin, and urinary system. It supports antioxidant qualities, tissue damage prevention, and a rise in energy.

By applying locally, harde or haritaki powder is thought to be helpful for treating gingivitis and oral ulcers. It aids in reducing bronchial inflammation, excessive phlegm production, and tussive cough. An incredible herb that can help with hair issues is haritaki. It is said to be a good source of nutrients including vitamin C, iron, manganese, selenium, copper, and others that promote hair development. It can be utilized in a variety of methods, including internal ingestion, scalp application using a powder paste, and scalp application with haritaki hair oil.



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