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Tribullus Terrestris Extract

Botanical Name : Tribullus Terrestris Extract
Common Name : Gokhru Extract
Assay : 20%-40% Saponins by Gravimetry
Product Usage : Spermatogenic, Kidney Tonic

Description :

Tribulus Terrestris Extract/Gokhru, also known as Small Caltrops or Tribulus Terrestris, is one of the significant trailing plants that can be found all throughout India. Tribulus is regarded as a significant herb in Ayurveda and is used to treat a number of illnesses. Gokhshur is regarded as a Rasayan, or rejuvenating tonic, and has calming effects on the Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha doshas. According to Ayurvedic texts, gokhru, also known as tribulus, is said to support the health of the genito-urinary system and is a key component of many herbal generic medications that serve to safeguard the heart, liver, and kidneys. Tribulus is used to support cases of burning urination, low urine production, and low filtration rate in herbal decoction or infusion form (by boiling 1-2 tsp in a cup of water for a few minutes, chilling, filtering, and drinking lukewarm).

According to Ayurveda, turbulus can relieve respiratory tract inflammation, clear out superfluous mucus, and aid in comfortable breathing. Additionally, Gokhru aids general health, voice quality improvement, and hair nutrition.

According to a recent scientific study, turbulus contains steroidal saponins, which support male health and energy boosting. The study also demonstrates the presence of phytosterols, particularly beta-sitosterols, which are advantageous for urogenital and cardiovascular health. As part of an anabolic tonic, tribulus is used along with other herbs to support the production of testosterone and aid in the development of muscular mass and strength. Regular use of gokshur helps to increase libido, stamina, and promote virility and vitality. By enhancing digestion and removing sugar from the urine, tribulus also lowers blood sugar levels.



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