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Name Lysergol
Specifications Lysergol 98%
Application precursor of nicergoline
Botanical Name Ipomea Hederacea
Part of plant Seed
10 Deacetylbaccatin III (DAB III)
Name 10 Deacetylbaccatin III (DAB III)
Specifications 98%
Application Precursor of Pacle Taxol, Doce Taxol (Anti Cancer)
Botanical Name Taxus Baccata
Part of plant Leaf
Quinine Hydrchloride and Sulphate
Name Quinine Hydrchloride and Sulphate
Specifications USP/BP
Application Anti Malarial, Preservatives for Soft Drinks
Botanical Name Cinchona Ledgeriana
Part of plant Bark
Name Colchicine
Specifications USP/BP/EP
Application Anti-gout Agent
Botanical Name Gloriosa Superba
Part of plant Seed
Name Thiocolchicoside
Specifications IP/FP/KP
Application Muscle relaxant
Botanical Nmae Gloriosa Superba
Part of plant Seed
Name Lutein
Specifications 20%, 40%, 60%
Application Anti-oxidant
Botanical Name Tagetes Marigold
Part of plant Flower