Herbal Extracts

Herbal extracts are active ingredients of plants that can be used for various commercial and medicinal purposes. We manufacture and export best quality herbal extracts for domestic and international markets supplying for the ever growing demand for the same. The chosen scholars and experts supervise the process of choosing the herbs from the entire world in accordance with pharmacopoeia standards with specific Intel on species and their clinical identification. Right from the storage, processing and manufacturing we take special care to maintain and preserve the essence of herbs so the end product always taste and smells original giving the signature aroma. Our business concerns directly to the food consumption as herbal extracts are used in different forms for people to consume. We maintain a strict quality to produce pure and exact potency level extracts. We are proud to assert ourselves as the promoters of health and transparency with our products and our advanced sensory analytic techniques ensure the premium consistency and immaculate end products.

Coleus Extract
Name Coleus Extract
Specifications 10%, 20% ,40% & 98% by HPLC
Application For treatment of heart disease, lung disease, intestinal spasm & insomnia
Botanical Name Coleus Forskohlii
Part of plant Root
Turmeric Extract
Name Turmeric Extract
Specifications 95% Curcuminoids by HPLC
Application Antioxidant, Joint Health, Food Colour
Botanical Name Curcuma Longa
Part of plant Rhizome
Green coffee bean extract
Name Green coffee bean extract
Specifications CGA 45%, 50% & 70% by HPLC
Application Antioxidant, Weight Loss
Botanical Name Coffee Arabica
Part of plant Bean
Green tea extract
Name Green tea extract
Specifications Epigallocatechin gallate 45 & 50%, Total Ployphenols 50 & 90%
Application Anti-oxidant, polyphenolic compounds.
Botanical Name Camellia Sinensis
Part of plant Leaf
Horse chestnut extract
Name Horse chestnut extract
Specifications 20%, 50% & 95%(Ascin) by HPLC/UV
Application Skin Care, Varicose veins treatment
Botanical Name Aesculus Hippocastanum
Part of plant Fruit
Natural caffeine
Name Natural caffeine
Specifications 99% by HPLC
Application Anti-oxidant, Weight loss, Preservative agent
Botanical Name Coffee/Tea
Part of plant Bean
Garcinia extract
Name Garcinia extract
Specifications Hydroxicitric acid 50% & 60% (As calcium salt)
Application Weight Management
Botanical Name Garcinia cambogia
Part of plant Fruit
Boswellia extract
Name Boswellia extract
Specifications Boswellic acid 65%, 75% and AKBA 30%, 60%
Application Joint Pain, Osteo Arthritis
Botanical Name Boswellia serrata
Part of plant Resin
Senna Extract (Calcium Sennosides)
Name Senna Extract (Calcium Sennosides)
Specifications Calcium Sennosides 20% & 60%
Application Constipation treatment
Botanical Name Cassia Angustifolia
Part of plant Leaf and pod
Kutki Extract
Name Kutki Extract
Specifications Picrosides NLT 5%
Application Liver tonic
Botanical Name Picrorhiza kurroa
Part of plant Root